Affordable Framing and Easy DIY Picture Rail

I love family photos - especially candid ones. They make a space feel so personal and home-y. But the ease of digital photography is such a blessing and curse, isn't it?! I have a million photos of my kids, but I so rarely get anything printed, and even more rarely framed. It's a pain to deal with, and it's impossibly expensive to do it well.

 photo IMG_5765.jpg

I wanted to make a family photo wall in our bedroom on the wall opposite the desert murals, but I wanted something a little different than the standard gallery wall. So I headed to Ace and picked up a few supplies and made a picture rail using just plumber's chain and two brass rods hung on cafe curtain brackets.

 photo IMG_5882.jpg

It's a pretty simple set up for displaying my newly printed family photos in some of the prettiest custom frames I've ever seen! I partnered up with a new-to-me company called Framebridge, and to say I was impressed with the simplicity, price and quality would be a huge understatement!

Angela's Citrus Print

A few of you were curious about the citrus print in the photos posted yesterday. Good news! My talented friend, Angela is now selling a digital download of the image on both a black and a white background HERE.

 photo Citrus-Black-_AngelaHardison-web.jpg

 photo IMG_5658.jpg

We had ours printed to fit the largest Ribba frame (somewhere around 30x40") just by emailing the file to my local friends at Kinkos. We know each other well at this point - I'm there a lot. I think the total was about $50 and took 24 hours to get back. Not bad at all for a print that big!

 photo IMG_5647.jpg

House Warming Gifts with Boxed

 photo IMG_5687.jpg

My sweet friend and right hand helper, Kate, just moved into a new house with her husband. They've been tackling some really cool DIY projects the past couple weeks. Look how cute their house is now after a coat of paint and some grass seed!

 photo HouseBefore.jpg
 photo houseafter.jpg

One of our sponsors, Boxed, reached out about trying their service as a housewarming gift for Kate!

 photo IMG_5335.jpg

DIY: Nook Book Shelves and Benchtop

 photo IMG_5087.jpg

Remember how I mentioned that our carpenter had installed a few simple shelves in our nook to hold our TV components? I like the easy bracket system he had come up with, so I duplicated it recently when I wanted to fill out both sides of the nook with shelves.

 photo IMG_4571.jpg

 photo IMG_4560.jpg

I pulled off the old shelves, but kept the brackets and cut down 1x2" primed pine boards with a miter saw to fit the back and sides. The side pieces were finished off with a 45-degree angle cut.


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